How often should I cut or color my hair?
Typically our clients go between 6-8 weeks, although it really can depend on how fast your hair grows.

What are the benefits of using professional hair products vs something from the grocery store?
Most products from the grocery store will have a lot of fillers and additives, which can make a product coat your hair and really not perform properly. And as far as professional products sold in a grocery store they can be fake or tampered with and can also just be old product.

What are the benefits of using salon color vs store bought color?
Salon color is formulated by your experienced stylist with professional color and the proper strength of developer needed. This guarantees safer color and predictable results. With professional color you also get the best conditioning properties and ultimate shine. Store bought color is unpredictable. It usually leaves the hair feeling dry and lacking in shine and dimension. There are more chemicals in store bought color for its shelf life, which can also alter its performance.

How can I keep my color from fading?
Using the right at home regiment of products is the most important for lasting results.  Your stylist can prescribe the right products to preserve your color. We recommend a conditioning treatment on the day of any color service to help lock in color.  Kerastase Reflection Rituals replenish, nourish and protect color treated hair. You can also come in for a glaze service in between your color for a refresh or just a little pick me up!

What is a Kerastase Reflection Ritual treatment?
An ultra-nourishing in salon treatment that leaves your hair completely transformed. They can be formulated to directly target your needs. Your stylist will choose which conditioning treatment is best for your hair type.

Are men's haircuts a different price than women's?
No, the pricing of haircuts is based on the experience of the stylist not the length of the clients hair. Men experience the same level of service as women do at 6 Degrees.

Why is it important to use professional tools when styling my hair at home?
Professional tools are designed to help protect your hair against heat damage, split ends and color fading.

What is grey blending?
Grey blending naturally blends in the white hair by toning it down so it isn't so bright and contrasting to the darker colored hair.

What is balayage?
A hand painting highlighting technique. It creates a more natural and sun kissed look. This method also softens the grow out so that you can have the ability to go longer between touch ups.

Why do I need a Bridal Consultation?
This time with your stylist will allow you both to determine what to do with your hair, making sure your hair will do what you are looking for and if not what are your options to make it happen.

What do I bring to a Bridal Consultation?
If you don't know what you want we're here to help you decide what looks best. If you do know, bring a picture. Keep an open mind because the hair in the picture might be different than yours. This will alter the look you are going for. We will also decide whether or not you need additional hair or any type of ornamentation. If you do have a headpiece please bring it with you.

What are lash extensions?
Semi permanent eye lash extensions are custom designed to enhance your natural lashes and to achieve your desired look. Whether it be to add length, volume it both the end result is a beautiful look with a low maintenance lifestyle. We use medical grade adhesive and mink lashes not only to create a more natural look, but also add softness and texture. Looking gorgeous has never been so easy!

What is a peel?
A peel is a skin-resurfacing treatment designed to lighten, tighten, and brighten your skin. Each one is customized based on your skin needs.

Why do a peel?
A peel is more corrective than a facial and targets specified skin concerns and issues - such as uneven and dull skin tone, wrinkles, sun spots, acne, and post-acne scars. A peel exfoliates the top layer of dead skin cells and reaches live tissue to produce a physical change.


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